ITT-LOCFIntent to Treat population Using the Last Observation Carried Forward Method
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3 mm Hg in the Qnexa group from a mean of 87 mm Hg at baseline (LS Mean ITT-LOCF P=0.
ITT-LOCF Completers Qnexa Qnexa Qnexa Qnexa CONQUER (OB-303) Placebo Mid Dose Full Dose Placebo Mid Dose Full Dose 56 Weeks (n=979) (n=488) (n=981) (n=564) (n=344) (n=634) Mean Weight Loss (%) 1.
Patients randomized to remain on lorcaserin for Year 2 maintained a significantly greater amount of weight loss compared to the lorcaserin patients who switched to placebo at Week 52 in both the ITT-LOCF and per protocol populations.
Using an ITT-LOCF analysis, the assessment of echocardiograms performed at baseline and after patients completed 6, 12, 18 and 24 months of dosing indicated no apparent drug-related effect on the development of FDA-defined valvulopathy (moderate or greater mitral insufficiency and/or mild or greater aortic insufficiency).
Using an ITT-LOCF analysis, patients on Qnexa lost 10.
Using an ITT-LOCF analysis, the percentage of patients achieving 5%, 10% and 15% weight loss from baseline was 82% (p < 0.