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ITTAInternational Tropical Timber Agreement
ITTAInformation Technology Training Association
ITTAIndependent Telephone and Telecommunications Alliance
ITTAInternational Tour and Tech Academy (Canada)
ITTAInternational Trainee Travel Award (American Thoracic Society)
ITTAintegrated tunable transmitter assembly
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Itta notes Stotts' leadership qualities and his ability to get along with people.
This research was funded by the USDA Title 111, Faculty Development Program, Mississippi Valley State University, Itta Bena, MS, USA.
An unexpected outcome from the intergenerational projects came in mending and strengthening relationships in college towns, something seen in Itta Bena, where the exercise facility is housed at Mississippi Valley State University.
As for August, Abu Itta said that there were 13 instances of home fires, of which seven were caused by an AC unit, making the percentage 54.
The Honorable Edward Itta, Former Mayor, North Slope Borough, Alaska
ersely, hot spicy foods increase itta energy - so if you're feeling grouchy, ditch the curry.
King was born on September 16, 1925, on a plantation in Itta Bene, Mississippi.
The panel, led by Tokai University professor Itta Kobayashi, proposed the NPA help expand the system offering counseling to hot-rodders to many parts of Japan.
On the final day, the group visited the Delta Pride Catfish Facility in Indianola and a cotton farm in Itta Bena.
Barras' book encompasses far more than Barry's recent political comeback, moving backward in time to examine his life in his poetically named birthplace of Itta Bena, Miss.
As the association's online publishing has evolved, its printed newsletter has adjusted accordingly, such that the online counterpart, ITTA News (www.