ITTACInternational Telegraph & Telephonic Advisory Committee
ITTACIndian Tyre Technical Advisory Commetee
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After a highly successful tyre care and safety campaign at Honda Cars India's Greater Noida plant earlier this year, Honda Cars invited ATMA and ITTAC to hold a similar activity at their Tapukara (Rajasthan) plant for the benefit of Honda Cars employees.
The Union Government has been taking keen interest in tyre safety programme being run by ATMA and ITTAC. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary-DIPP recently released the tyre care and safety report.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of LV7/STLN 2540-72-0000663 Canopy Body (ALS), LV6-MT14 2610-000154 Tube Inner Pneu 9.00 x 20 TR-175 A, LV6-MT14 2610-000250 Flap (Rust Slip) ITTAC 20RR 1100x 20 on 800/750 Rim & Tyre 1200 x 20
Request Of Proposal For Procurement Of Ord Stores I Flap (Rust Slip) Ittac 20rr, Tyre Pneumatic 7.50x16 Ply 6/8 Nylon Sand Highway, Tube Inner Pneu Tyre 7.50x16 Tr-15
Limited Tenders are invited for Lv6/Mt14-2610-000267 Flap Rust Slip Ittac No 20N For Tyre 9.00X20 On 7.00/6.50 Rim And Tyre 10.00X20 On 7.50/7.00 Rim
Limited Tenders are invited for Lv6/Mt14- 2610-000273 Flap Rust Slip Ittac Code No 20M For Tyre 825X20, On 6-50/6.00 Rim And Tyre 7.50X20 On 6.00/5.50 Rim
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Lv6/mt14-2610-000250, flap rust slip ittac no 20 rr for tyre 1100x20 on 800/750 rim and tyre 1200x20 on 850/800 rim
Tenders are invited for Flap Rust Slip Ittac Code No 20Rr For Tyre 1100 X 20, On 800/7.50 Rim And Tyre 1200 X 20 On 850/800 Rim
Rust Slip Ittac 20rr 1100x20 On 800/750 Rim & Tyre 1200x20 Under Code Head 2076-110c(C) Code- 417/01