ITTCSInternational Taoist Tai Chi Society
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Each ITTC is intended to serve a broad geographic region, not just the particular institution which hosts it.
ITTC visitors enjoy demonstrations of academic uses of multimedia technology and can learn to develop their own multimedia applications.
"We firmly believe multimedia will change the way instructional materials are delivered in the classroom," says Chuck West, director of the ITTC and of the college's Innovation Center.
This hardware configuration-- along with a staff that includes several sofiware and hardware technicians, an authoring lab coordinator and a graphics designer with instructional development expertise--allows ITTC to provide intensive multimedia instruction and support.
The ITTC at Glendale Community College may produce the first materials tailored specifically for use in teaching multimedia.
Glendale's ITTC is developing a sequential multimedia training curriculum.
West and High emphasize that IBM's participation in the ITTC consortium has been fundamental to their success.