ITTDInland Theater Transportation Directorate
ITTDInterim Tactical Terrain Data
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pcOrder and RosettaNet have worked to ensure the compatibility of the RosettaNet EC Technical Dictionary (ECTD) and ITTD architectures to provide businesses with a single standardized dictionary format that is comprehensive and easy to use for both IT and EC businesses.
As one of the founding members of RosettaNet, pcOrder offers its expertise in creating IT product data catalogs to help develop the RosettaNet ITTD in a concise, standardized format for the entire demand chain, or the trading partners a company uses to sell its product to end consumers.
pcOrder dedicated full-time staff to help RosettaNet develop the new ITTD architecture, improving interoperability, implementation and content, to help drive the industry towards the adoption of RosettaNet standards.