ITTEInformation Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEAssociation for Information Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEInstitute for Information Technologies in Education
ITTEInstitute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering (UCLA)
ITTEInitial Teacher Training and Education
ITTEInterim Terminal Test Environment
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The iTTE will create a wider network as travel agencies will be able to find new suppliers and new destinations to offer to their respective clients.
kare wa kodomo o ITSUMO NO YOU NI inaka ni he-TM child-OM AS USUAL countryside-DAT tsurete itte shimatta.
The most popular forwards or reverse core words are INNE and ITTE, each found six times forwards and twice backwards: INNE: DINNED, MINNEM, RINNER, SINNES, TINNET, WINNEW, MENNIM, SENNIS ITTE: DITTED, LITTEL, NITTEN, RITTER, SITTES, TITTET, DETTID, SETTIS (All in OED somewhere except WINNEW, which is in Web 1)
A new tool for accomplishing ITTE tasks is the online Innovative Technology Clearinghouse.
Paper presented at ITTE Research Conference, Moller Centre, Cambridge.
as the itte page of the 1935 edition valorizes his professional qualifications) is interesting because he praises Hurston's work as valuable to students of cultural history," rather than putting his imprimatur, in direct terms, on Mules and Men as a scientific work of social anthropology (8).
chairwoman of the Internal Market and Consumer protection Committe itte it e, believes everyone should be aware of their rights as consumers and profes ofes of sionals.
We don't need verses or writte itte it n words to show our love and how we cared.
When it comes to having the hopes of your compatriots on your shoulders, weightlifter Itte Detenamo really raises the bar.
A LIVE music festiva in Coventry which featured neary 40 acts raised pounds 2,000 for the Teegraph's Snowba Appea - and another pounds 2,000 to hep a itte gir with a rare iness.
13) Watashi no inochi wa itsumademo atte kurenai mono ka mukashi mita Kisa no ogawa wo itte miru tame (332).
Wh What at I ha have ve wr writ itte ten is int inten ende ded to continue a popular oral tradition, but I use 'ballad' to mean an extended poem.