ITTEInformation Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEAssociation for Information Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEInstitute for Information Technologies in Education
ITTEInstitute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering (UCLA)
ITTEInitial Teacher Training and Education
ITTEInterim Terminal Test Environment
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14) Hito mo inai kuni ga nai mono ka anata to futari de tsuredatte itte yorisotte itai (728).
This is indeed a historical moment for all of us when the nodal travel and tourism association (TAAI) in partnership with the leading global business media company (UBM) have today announced the creation of ITTE 2010 - the biggest, best and most unique travel mart and exposition," said Mr.
In addition to the phrase toka itte discussed in the Introduction, nanchatte, the contracted form of nante (`something like') itte (the nonfinite form of the verb iu `say') shimatte (the nonfinite form of the auxiliary verb shimau `do -- completely, end up --ing') may also be used for expressing self-mockery.
According to Iqbal Mulla, chairman ITTE 2010, the expo would be a golden opportunity to establish new customer contacts, create vital space for strategic partnerships and build a long term business relationships.
Keep an eye on Itte Detanamo, weightlifter from the Republic of Nauru, in the Micronesian South Pacific.
The drover you mention shall be secure in his affairs if he comes to aske for itte.
kare wa kodomo o inaka ni tsurete itte he-TM child-OM countryside-DAT take-goTE shimatta.
F) Saki-chan wa "dooshite kare o kimerareru no" to itte, otoo-san wa igokochi waruku-natta.
The most popular forwards or reverse core words are INNE and ITTE, each found six times forwards and twice backwards: INNE: DINNED, MINNEM, RINNER, SINNES, TINNET, WINNEW, MENNIM, SENNIS ITTE: DITTED, LITTEL, NITTEN, RITTER, SITTES, TITTET, DETTID, SETTIS (All in OED somewhere except WINNEW, which is in Web 1)
A new tool for accomplishing ITTE tasks is the online Innovative Technology Clearinghouse.
Paper presented at ITTE Research Conference, Moller Centre, Cambridge.