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With ITTIA DB SQL, developers for these systems can ensure that applications are communicating with other devices while executing queries and meeting other data management expectations.
ITTIA DB SQL's M2M solution connects databases across systems, handling data exchange and high availability for the application.
ITTIA DB fully supports SQL queries for industry-standard general database access.
"Over the years, ITTIA DB SQL has been well-received in the embedded community, as developers become aware of the benefits of a true relational database," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President.
Meanwhile, ITTIA DB SQL supports database-level authorization and AES encryption when storing data to removable media, such as flash memory.
In addition to AllJoyn, ITTIA DB SQL also supports replication to alternate storage media, a powerful backup solution for embedded data, and over TCP/IP or encrypted SSL communication channels.
Tasks that share access to an ITTIA DB SQL database file can depend on transaction isolation to prevent corruption and inconsistency.
ITTIA DB SQL also provides great multi-core performance.
Standards -- Database is a core component of all data-driven applications and ITTIA's mission is to provide a full-featured, standards-based relational database for Nucleus application developers.
High Availability -- ITTIA DB SQL can also share and distribute data through the Nucleus networking components, giving applications built-in high availability and synchronization capability.
But certain characteristics of ITTIA DB SQL made the selection easy.
ITTIA DB SQL significantly outperforms other available solution in write throughput, boasting insert and update performance that is, respectively, ten and fifty times faster on flash media comparing to similar technologies.