ITTMInternational Trust for Traditional Medicine (Kalimpong, India)
ITTMInternational Technology Transfer Management
ITTMIntergenerational Trauma Treatment Model (psychology)
ITTMInstitut Telekomunikasi Dan Teknologi Maklumat (Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Malaysia)
ITTMInstitute for Truck Transportation Management
ITTMInstitute of Textile Technology & Management (Pakistan)
ITTMInternational Travel and Tourism Marketing
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US-based genomics company Fabric Genomics has partnered with European data management company ITTM S.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals has launched Ciba Prime ITTM, a new technology for improving the performance of UV printing inks on plastic through durable modification of the substrate surface.
Telia has bought a new payment system from Ericsson, based on the technique Jalda(tm), which will be integrated with Telia's new payment service, Telia Pay ITTM, during the fall.