ITTPIntelligent Terminal Transfer Protocol
ITTPInternational Trauma Treatment Program
ITTPInformation Technology Tech Prep
ITTPInternational TEFL/TESOL Program
ITTPInternational Technology Transfer Panel
ITTPIntegrated Technology Transition Program
ITTPInstitutional Training Technology Program (supports classroom technology within the Army's proponent schools)
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Though legally classified as foreigners, the Joseonjok (ethnic Koreans in China) always had a privileged place in the ITTP because they would "pose less of a threat to South Korea's tight-knit, homogenous society" (Lim 2002, 19).
Whereas the ITTP was notorious for exploiting migrant workers without providing proper status under labor laws, the EPS was designed to provide equal treatment to workers regardless of their nationality.
(9.) This was a loophole designed to sidestep the South Korean ban against unskilled foreign workers, and in 1993, the government expanded the scale of the ITTP, administered by the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business (Junggihyeop), to allow greater import of foreign "trainees."
Abualhaj, Internet Telephony Transport Protocol (Ittp): An efficient transport protocol for voip applications.
"We've been aware of ITTP for a couple of years at least while frog juice we've known about for probably six months or so," says Morris.
ITTP, though vastly divergent in its potential effects, is similarly prohibited because it affects the body's system.
High-energy laser techniques for defeating imaging-seeker detectors are also being investigated under the AFRL EO/IRCM ITTP. Longer-range plans are to use even-higher-energy lasers to effect catastrophic damage to the missile seeker or structure.
Our ITTP gives you the knowledge and information you need to improve your operations and profitability.
For other low-skilled migrant workers, Korea introduced the Employment Permit System (EPS) (goyong hogaje) in 2004, which gradually replaced the ITTP. The EPS treated migrant workers as equal to Korean workers by granting them the protection of labor laws and by providing them with basic social welfare benefits.
[1] Pesquisadora do Laboratorio de Planejamento e Promocao da Saude (LPPS) do ITTPS; Mestre em saude e ambiente pela Universidade Tiradentes (UNIT)--Aracaju (SE), Brasil.
An Imprint of Books Publishing, ITTPS and International Thomson Publishing Company Fourth Edition P.