ITTRInstrument Tube Tie Rod (nuclear energy)
ITTRInflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (Simula, Inc.)
ITTRInternational Thoracic Teaching Resource (medical education)
ITTRInternational Travel Trade Representations
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Table-2: Summary of Multiple regression analysis of predictors for iTTR.
Overall, 71(77.2%) patients had iTTR below 60% (Table-1).
Offers The Industry, Trade, and Technology Review (ITTR), a quarterly staff publication of the Office of Industries, Federal Register notices, and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.
Tenders are invited for Renovation of ITTR building and Hostel No.
Tender notice number : BPSMV/ENGINEERING CELL/Tender for renovation of ITTR building and Hostel No.