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ITUCInternational Trade Union Confederation
ITUCInformation Technology United Corporation
ITUCIntegrated Territorial and Urban Conservation (workshop)
ITUCIndonesian Trade Union Confederation (Indonesia)
ITUCIndian Trade Union Congress
ITUCInformation Technology User's Council
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The ITUC and human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch were crucial in pushing Qatar towards reforms that would put it in the lead of labour change in the Gulf.
In its report, ITUC demanded Qatar to begin reform of kafala by eliminating exit visas and giving workers the right to change jobs, authorise contracts between employers or reputable recruitment companies and employees, and introduce a national minimum wage, a company grievance procedure, and an independent labour court.
Along with Amnesty International, the ITUC has demanded that FIFA, soccer's international governing body, address the labour rights abuses surrounding the construction of World Cup facilities.
The ITUC and BWI's representation to the ILO is a positive step to pressure the emirate because the ILO's possible official publication of the complaint could severely undermine Qatar's efforts to promote a more modern progressive image.
Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the ITUC, said: "International pressure is growing, governments, human rights organisations and Fifa have all called for fundamental workers' rights and an end to the Kafala system.
The ITUC Global Poll 2013 demonstrates that (http://www.
That is why I welcome the initiative shown by the DFB and ITUC because together we can achieve change.
In comments published by the UK's Guardian newspaper, the ITUC claimed the annual death toll among labourers in the Gulf state would rise to 600 a year unless government makes urgent reforms.
It replicated the very structures of the British Trades Unions Congress that it aspired to displace, auguring decades of weakness linked to a failure to adopt a model, and a political agenda, reflecting peculiarly Irish conditions of labour, especially the comparative strengths of nationalist politics, from which the ITUC stood aloof.
Labor was already in office at the Federal level in Australia by 1912, the year the ITUC adopted a resolution establishing a Labour Party.
They are going on with their governmental plan with no regard to workers," according to Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary.
General Secretary, of the ITUC, Sharan Burrow said, "It is not acceptable that in countries with strong economies and a lot of personal wealth, we have an underclass of domestic slaves, whose passports are taken when they arrive, and who have no one to turn to if their employer treats them with violence or harassment.