ITUEInstitute for Transforming Undergraduate Education (University of Delaware)
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Simulation time of PID control system was set as 20 seconds, filter coefficient of PID controller was 100, and the weights values of the performance index ITUE were [w.sub.1] = 1, [w.sub.2] = 0.1, and [w.sub.3] = 0.01, respectively.
Results of best ITAE, best ITUE, and their corresponding PID controller parameters are given as in Table 2.
It is shown that AFW almost has the best performance index value of 2 different performance indexes ITAE and ITUE in PID parameters tuning with transfer functions as (1) (2) (4) (5) or has little difference with the best performance index value but much better than the other evolutionary algorithms with transfer functions as (2) (3) according to Table 2.