ITUPIn the Usual Place
ITUPIBM Tivoli Unified Process
ITUPInsure the Uninsured Project
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A ITUP, assim como a RTUP, e realizada por meio de um instrumento introduzido na uretra ate a prostata, onde sao feitas duas incisoes com vistas a reduzir a pressao prostatica sobre a uretra.
Then, the TPA updates the index table managed by itself according to the information by running ITUp. When [U.sub.type] = 'M', it changes the [U.sub.index]-th identifier to [].
"It'slike putting asnake in a bag-ifyoudo nottie itup,it will wriggle free."
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-13 April 2007-IBM introduces new web-based ITUP tool(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Dunfermline stepped itup towards half-time but their final ball often let them down and it was goalless at the break.
7 of 1987 re Guidelines to the Simplification of Licensing in Tourism-related Businesses, the license for hotels and restaurants to stock and sell alcoholic drinks is incorporated into the ITUP (Permanent License for Tourism Business).
As part of empowering informal businesses to take their rightful places in the mainstream economy, the department rolled out the Informal Traders Upliftment Programme (ITUP) through which 1037 informal businesses were trained in various areas of business management.
Ricky Holloway (Wim'don) 5 Ballymac Warrior (W)....Michael James (Hall Gn) 6 Start Itup Sweep (W).......................Chris Allsopp 7.45 672m Flat (OR): Winner PS200 1 Razldazl Katie.......................
Runner-up Valentia Tango ensured Chris Allsopp would field half of Friday's finalists following an earlier one-two for his Kinloch Tiger and Start Itup Sweep, while Manila Flash was in record-breaking mode in the 416m competition, posting a new mark of 24.20sec.
And if Steven can continue the form he has shown in the first three games, and maybe even step itup another level, which I think he can do, then he could be the difference between success and failure.