ITUPIn the Usual Place
ITUPIBM Tivoli Unified Process
ITUPInsure the Uninsured Project
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A ITUP, assim como a RTUP, e realizada por meio de um instrumento introduzido na uretra ate a prostata, onde sao feitas duas incisoes com vistas a reduzir a pressao prostatica sobre a uretra.
Then, the TPA updates the index table managed by itself according to the information by running ITUp. When [U.sub.type] = 'M', it changes the [U.sub.index]-th identifier to [].
"It'slike putting asnake in a bag-ifyoudo nottie itup,it will wriggle free."
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-13 April 2007-IBM introduces new web-based ITUP tool(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Dunfermline stepped itup towards half-time but their final ball often let them down and it was goalless at the break.
7 of 1987 re Guidelines to the Simplification of Licensing in Tourism-related Businesses, the license for hotels and restaurants to stock and sell alcoholic drinks is incorporated into the ITUP (Permanent License for Tourism Business).
Ricky Holloway (Wim'don) 5 Ballymac Warrior (W)....Michael James (Hall Gn) 6 Start Itup Sweep (W).......................Chris Allsopp 7.45 672m Flat (OR): Winner PS200 1 Razldazl Katie.......................
Runner-up Valentia Tango ensured Chris Allsopp would field half of Friday's finalists following an earlier one-two for his Kinloch Tiger and Start Itup Sweep, while Manila Flash was in record-breaking mode in the 416m competition, posting a new mark of 24.20sec.
And if Steven can continue the form he has shown in the first three games, and maybe even step itup another level, which I think he can do, then he could be the difference between success and failure.