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ITURItaly Turkey Ukraine Russia (submarine telecommunications cable system)
ITURInternational Telecommunication Union-Radio Communication Sector (usually seen as ITU-R)
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Itur in Eridanum iam deficiente Ticino Et lata in media iam discimus aequora terra [...] Iam tandem aduehimur ripae portumque tenemus.
Sic Itur Ad Astra: Canadian Aerospace Power Studies [Vol 2, Big Sky, Little Air Force].
Walfisch Ikegami, ITUR P.1546-4 and Egli models underestimate the path loss throughout the range of interest.
[17] ITU International Telecommunication Union, "Unwanted emission in the out of band domain," Recommendation ITUR SM, 1541, 2001.
Dona Carolina disapproved of her daughter's entering into a venture with "bohemians," as she referred to the artistic community; but Doctor Emmanuel gave Carito his blessing, writing Sic itur ad astra (This is how one reaches the stars), in a note to her which she held onto all her life.
As the infrastructure in Estonia has changed greatly within the last decade and the level of technological sophistication has increased significantly also in rural areas, it is appropriate to explore how those 5 different noise environments described in the recommendation ITUR P.372-9 can be empirically identified and which particular sources of noise they mainly depend on.
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Media igitur plerumque itur via, et ad evitandam ignorantiae turpitudinem et legendi fastidium ars una est omnibus ut reliquas scire videri possint.
C.): Sic itur ad astra = "asi se va hacia los astros", "por este camino se llega a la fama", "asi se alcanza la inmortalidad".
Alli esta el Pegaso, inmovil, fundido en bronce, en el centro del patio de Palacio Nacional esperando al gobernante que lo reviva y que, como Belerofonte, con la brida de oro de la sabiduria y la sinergia de todos, conduzca a la nacion hacia lo alto, el lema del Pegaso en latin, Sic itur ad astra.