ITVAInternational Television Association
ITVAInternational Television and Video Association
ITVAIndependent Television Association
ITVAIntegrated TV and Video Association eV (Germany)
ITVAInternational Thorstein Veblen Association (est. 1992)
ITVAInternational Treating Veterinarians Association
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To fill this gap, the main objective of this paper is to present a tool, named BiS (Broadcast iDTV content Simulator), that allows the transmission, reception, and execution of iTVA. The transmission and reception of iTVA are performed through a TCP/IP network using a broadcast method based on data carousel (in the same way as real in the world).
O'Connor Road, LB51 Irving, Texas 75039 (214) 869-1112 (ITVA is the only non-profit organization serving the needs of video professionals working outside traditional media settings.
The company's game show-style Recyling Master Quiz, which Ralphs produced for the California Grocers Association, won an award from the local chapter of the International Television Association (ITVA).
ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery says he made it a priority to give production companies like High Noon and other ITVA companies access to ITV's global formats.
"We drew upon contacts in the broadcast industry and ITVA, a private TV association." She adds, "We were looking for photographers who had documentary film experience.
"The investment in the sector in Wales from broad casters such as S4C, BBC, and ITVas well as the investment in film by the Film Agency and in economic development by the Assembly Government needs to provide a continued plat form from which Wales-based SMEs can grow.