ITWAInternational Tennis Writers Association (est. 2000)
ITWAInternational Travel Writers Alliance (London, England, UK)
ITWAIndiana Towing and Wrecker Association
ITWAInternational Teak Woods Association
ITWAInitial Threat Warning Assessment
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In an era of crab midfielders earning stellar reputations for going sideways and backwards itwas great to see Arsenal and Liverpool carve out goals from a good old-fashioned killer ball measured through the middle.
The wet weather yesterday morning meant itwas harder, but it was totally different today, hence the low scores.
Itwas the first time the Swiss star had dropped a set at Melbourne since the 2006 final and gears him up for a 13th Grand Slam title.
David said itwas the third time inDecember the volunteers were called out to a sighting of a seal on the Teesside coast or River Tees.
Itwas December 1990 when John Hipkin opened his copy of The Journal and learned of the fate of the eight Northumberland Fusiliers and seven Durham Light Infantrymen soldiers executed by their superiors.
When we flew our flag last year itwas in celebration of the Queen, or the national football team - not people being killed.
Constantly reiterating that itwas about ``better accountability'' and ``smaller class sizes,'' not increased taxes, was intentionally deceptive, since none of the alleged benefits could have happened unless more school bonds passed, raising taxes.
But itwas the school bill, sponsored by openly lesbian assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl, that drew the most protests from religions right groups, including Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition and a Sheldon-led contingent of Lafino ministers.
Sixty percent said around30% of the e-mail they send at work is personal, most said itwas responsible for them making 75% less phone calls per day.
He stated that itwas the legal right of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to expose loopholes and file a review petition the Supreme Court's judgement.
ITwas interesting to hear Jonathan Ross giving Jack Whitehall this feedback as he squirmed through an interview with Andy Murray's mum Judy on BBC3's Backchat: "It's embarrassing.
Itwas the same against Ipswich, they hadn't had a touch until they scored.