ITWCInternational Technical Writing Competition (Society for Technical Communication; Arlington, VA)
ITWCIronman Triathlon World Championship
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This selection, financial details of which were not available, is reportedly helping ITWC to reduce software costs by 25% and nearly triple revenue from its company-sponsored webinar programme.
Building on over three decades of solid relationships with Canada's technology decision-makers through award-winning excellence in journalism, ITWC delivers incisive, relevant information to executive and managerial audiences.
We look forward to combining our polyurethanes research and applications expertise with ITWC to expand our global reach in the cast elastomers market.
We are excited about growing our partnership with ITWC and building on the strong history with our customers.
Effective today, ChemPoint will begin to proactively contact customers to make them aware of the product portfolio and services provided by ITWC.
ITWC * Keystone * Mallard Creek Polymers * Myers Corp.
Focus on Select Global Players II-40 BASF SE (Germany) II-40 Bayer AG (Germany) II-40 Bayer Material Science AG (Germany) II-40 Bayer Material Science LLC (USA) II-40 BorsodChem Zrt (Hungary) II-41 Chematur Engineering AB (Sweden) II-41 Chemtura Corporation (USA) II-41 Huntsman Corporation (USA) II-41 Huntsman Polyurethanes (Belgium) II-42 ITWC Inc.
ITWC * Keystone * Mallard Creek Polymers * Momentive Performance Materials * Myers Corp.
Huntsman * Inchem * Ineox Color * ITWC * Kingyorker * Mississippi Lime * Koster Keunen LLC * Momentive Performance Materials * Nuplex Resins * Rhodia * PPG * Sartomer * Solutia * Specialty Minerals Inc.
Arch Chemical * Bomar Specialties * Burgess * Cargill * Chimista * Clariant * Cytec * Degan * Elementis * Deltech * Huntsman * Ishizuka * ITWC, Inc.
NEDC 10-POINT SIMULATION 1360kg ITWC, 2 LITRE, 4 CYL ZETEC ENGINE FE FE HC(A) CO(A) NOx(A) (km/1) Saving % (g/km) (g/km) (g/km) MPI NO EGR 11.