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IUAInternational Underwriting Association of London (formerly London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association; UK)
IUAIrish Universities Association
IUAIsdn User Adaptation
IUAInternational Underwriting Association
IUAISDN Q-921-User Adaptation Layer
IUAInternational Union of Architects
IUAInstituto Universitario Aeronáutico (Argentina Air Force University)
IUAInternational University Audentes (Estonia)
IUAIntra-Uterine Adhesion (reproduction)
IUAIntegrated Unit of Analysis (South Africa)
IUAInstrument Unit Avionics (various organizations)
IUAInternational University of Africa (Sudan)
IUAInternet Use Agreement (education)
IUAIngres Users Association (various locations)
IUAInternational Union of Academies
IUAImage Understanding Architecture
IUAIndividual User Authentication (Cisco)
IUAIndividual Unemployment Account
IUAInstitut Universitari de l'Audivisual
IUAISSE User Agent
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IUA refers to the destruction of the basal layer of the endometrium and is attributed to multiple causes.
The IUA will be working with the London Market Group to ensure our industry's views are fully represented as developments continue.
Pregnancy after IUAs may be complicated by abortion, premature labor, placenta previa and placenta accreta (4, 5).
lt;p>Rubayee stated to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that he joined the IUA as an independent candidate who joined the Alliance before the deadline for registering political entities by the Independent High Electoral Commission.
We always appreciate the fact that CA delivers immediate support for IBM z/OS upgrades," said Bob Wiklund, secretary/treasurer of the IUA (IDMS User Association).
amp;quot; Woodside has consistently stated that its concept screening study has identified the concepts that will develop the Greater Sunrise reservoir to the best commercial advantage, consistent with good oilfield practice," said Roger Martin, a representative from Woodside, mirroring the IUA agreement.
In my visit, I told Kurdish leaders that their coalition with Shiite Iraqi United Alliance (IUA) is wrong and dangerous for Iraq because ruling Iraq according to Islamic code will ruin the country; I demanded Kurdish leaders to not sign their coalition again with IUA," he said.
The Irish University's Association Librarians' Group has come together under an IUA sectoral project to construct this national system.
The combination of the 2002 Timor Sea Treaty, IUA (signed by both countries but not yet in force) and the CMATS Treaty will see East Timor receiving a great deal more revenue from exploitation of petroleum resources in the Timor Sea than if the maritime boundaries were simply drawn using the median line principle as between East Timor, Indonesia and Australia.
COVENTRY'S Colin Deasy completed his first season of ultra-distance running with a creditable performance at the inaugural IUA Challenge Trophy 50km in Sicily.
We believe that an unemployment policy based on the IUA can meet these objectives.
149) According to the annual report for that year, the IUA had held "upwards of 800 meetings" in England, Wales, and Scotland, and its members had helped unionist candidates at by-elections.