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C24/15/036); iMinds Medical Information Technologies (SBO, 2016); Belgian Federal Science Policy Office, IUAP no.
Research Funding: The World Anti-Doping Agency, the Belgian state (IUAP P6/36-HEPRO), and the Ghent University [via the Special Research Fund (BOF) and a Concerted Action Grant (01G00507)].
The research was partially supported by the Research Council K.U.Leuven, project OT/05/40 (Large rank structured matrix computations), Center of Excellence: Optimization in Engineering, by the Fund for Scientific Research-Flanders (Belgium), Iterative methods in numerical Linear Algebra), G.0455.0 (RHPH: Riemann-Hilbert problems, random matrices and Pade-Hermite approximation), G.0423.05 (RAM: Rational modelling: optimal conditioning and stable algorithms), and by the Belgian Programme on Interuniversity Poles of Attraction, initiated by the Belgian State, Prime Minister's Office for Science, Technology and Culture, project IUAP V-22 (Dynamical Systems and Control: Computation, Identification & Modelling).