IUASInstitute for Unmanned Aerial Systems (Germany)
IUASInfections Urinaires Associées aux Soins (French: Uninary Infections Healthcare Associated)
IUASIntelligent Unmanned Aircraft Systems
IUASIngolstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
IUASInternational University of Applied Sciences
IUASIndiana Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Muncie, IN)
IUASIndividual Unmanned Air Scout (Cyber Aerospace)
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an operating subsidiary of On Alert, is assembling a team of military experts and aerospace and composite engineers to design and build a new generation of UAV's known as IUAS.
When fully developed, Proxity notes that their Cyber Aerospace IUAS will operate in multiple settings including congested urban and jungle environments, where it is unsafe for conventional UAVs, as well as in desert and mountainous terrain.
Proxity Digital CEO Billy Robinson stated, "Two versions of IUAS are planned: a micro and a mini.