IUASInstitute for Unmanned Aerial Systems (Germany)
IUASInfections Urinaires Associées aux Soins (French: Uninary Infections Healthcare Associated)
IUASIntelligent Unmanned Aircraft Systems
IUASIngolstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
IUASInternational University of Applied Sciences
IUASIndiana Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Muncie, IN)
IUASIndividual Unmanned Air Scout (Cyber Aerospace)
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The preoperative measurement of endometrial thickness is very useful for guidance when evaluating the treatment outcome of IUAs. Usually, the basilar layer of the endometrium is destroyed in patients with severe IUAs.
In addition, for diagnosing and treating IUAs, hysteroscopy combined with abdominal ultrasonography, can accurately judge the degree and location of IUAs and then allow us to choose the appropriate treatment modality.
An intrauterine adhesion (IUA) is a form of disease that causes the uterine muscle walls to become adhered to each other due to the basal layers of the endometrium being damaged by various factors, thus resulting in partial or complete occlusion of the uterine cavity.[1] In recent years, with the increase of uterine cavity surgery, its incidence has been increasing, seriously affecting women's reproductive function, menstrual physiology, and physical and mental health.
This cohort study was conducted to investigate whether aspirin could promote the endometrial growth and repair, reduce the recurrence of IUA, and improve the menstruation and reproductive prognosis after surgery for severe IUA.
A total of 114 patients who received hysteroscopy in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University and were diagnosed with severe IUA according to the criteria of American Fertility Society (AFS) [8] were recruited into present study, of whom 13 were lost to follow-up and 4 withdrew from this study due to early dropping off or retrieval of balloon.
Existence of some correlation between histopathologic morphology of endomterium and its functional aspect as shown in this study suggests the benefit of histopathologic examination to predict IUAs. The idea that implantation and pregnancy is associated with immune suppression has created a myth of pregnancy as a state of immunological weakness (25).
Therefore, this modified model, psoudo-pregnant curetted uterus, represents a pathogenesis condition in the rabbit similar to IUAs observed in the human and will help in our understanding of the physiopathology of Asherman's syndrome.
One might argue that unemployment rates would be higher with IUAs if (1) employees have access to the funds only when unemployed, and (2) the benefits are greater than those of the current system.
The IUA also benefits the federal government because it supplements other retirement programs for the workers who have not used their IUAs before retirement.
Despite considerable advances in the etiology and treatment of IUAs, the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of IUAs remain unclear.
Objective: Intrauterine adhesion (IUA) is a major health problem that causes infertility, menstrual irregularities, and recurrent pregnancy losses in women.
Studies have shown that genital tuberculosis seems to be associated with recurrence of IUA and poor prognosis after hysteroscopic surgery (11).