IUAWIndependent Union of All Workers (est. 1933)
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Since the IUAW had endorsed farmers' efforts to raise their prices, the Farmers' Holiday Association patrolled roads leading into Austin to halt livestock and scabs.
It played virtually no role in collective bargaining and was only sometimes involved in organizing."(25) And the rival groups that its leaders most feared were not marginal militant organizations like Peter Rachleff's IUAW, but rather the powerful craft unions of the American Federation of Labor, which had launched an effective counterattack on the CIO by 1938.
The IUAW relied upon horizontal solidarity, rank-and-file militancy, and a philosophical outlook of class struggle for its effectiveness.
(18.) See, for example, Peter Rachleff, Organizing 'Wall to Wall:' The Independent Union of all Workers (IUAW), 1933-37, pp.