IUCIntrauterine Contraception
IUCInformation Unit for Conventions
IUCInternational University Cooperation (UNESCO)
IUCIndustrial Union Council (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations)
IUCInterview Under Caution
IUCInterval Usage Code (DOCSIS)
IUCInter-University Conference (various schools)
IUCIuris Utriusque Candidatus (Latin: Right of Each Candidate; law)
IUCInterconnect User Charge
IUCImmediate Unit Commander
IUCInitial Unemployment Claims (economics)
IUCInitial User Capability
IUCInternational Underwater Contractors, Inc.
IUCIndependent User Center
IUCIntelligent and Ubiquitous Computing
IUCInterface Unit Comparator
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19 ( ANI ): The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Tuesday slashed the interconnect usage charge (IUC) from 14 paise minute to 6 paise per minute, which will become effective from October 1.
L'objectif de ce memorandum est de fournir un cadre de partenariat entre les differentes parties pour la realisation du Projet IUC, et l'elaboration du cadre reglementaire adequat permettant son utilisation par les services gouvernementaux et sectoriels tout en assurant le respect des donnees personnelles et des dispositions legales et reglementaires relatives a ces donnees.
In addition, Reliance Jio has taken a different stand on IUC and wants to take a 'Bill and Keep' approach to determine these charges.
This, they said, had put a "financial burden" on their operations, which they claimed could not be met by the present IUC rate.
Three studies describe IUC management and CAUTI prevention strategies focused on either North American data (Fink et al., 2012) or a statewide (Saint et al., 2009) followed by national comparative (Saint et al., 2013) approach.
In Morocco, El Salvador, and Kenya, IUC was an underutilized contraceptive method due to the increased amount of time and equipment required for insertion (7,8,9).
" To promote investment in, and adoption of, wireline networks, so that they may become an effective vehicle for the delivery of high- speed Internet in the country, the Authority has decided to prescribe FTC ( fixed termination) as well as MTC ( mobile termination charge) for wireline to wireless calls as zero," Trai said in the new IUC rule.
Este estudio asume a la modelacion como una representacion abstracta y alternativa de la realidad a fin de desarrollar y validar una herramienta dinamica capaz de realizar un perfil termico urbano, y detectar la intensidad, ubicacion y hora en que se da la maxima intensidad de la IUC. Una de las ventajas de este simulador es que no se requiere ser un experto en Sistemas de Informacion Geografica (SIG) para visualizar el perfil termico urbano y puede ser util para desarrolladores urbanos y academicos involucrados en impactos ambientales provocados por el crecimiento de las ciudades.
The minister of higher education said Afghan universities, because of their high standards, were able to become members of IUC, which agreed to offer them technical support.
According to a statement released by IUC, the hospital where doctors from member countries would be assigned would admit patients in October the latest.
The meeting turned on preparations for IUC's congress, due in 2010 in Canada, and on UGTT's role in strengthening ties between IUC and Arab Maghreb labourers' trade unions (USTMA) and Arab workers'.
In a systematic review of available data, investigators concluded that an IUC can be placed safely, and easily, immediately after therapeutic abortion.