IUCIntrauterine Contraception
IUCInformation Unit for Conventions
IUCInternational University Cooperation (UNESCO)
IUCIndustrial Union Council (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations)
IUCInterview Under Caution
IUCInterval Usage Code (DOCSIS)
IUCInter-University Conference (various schools)
IUCIuris Utriusque Candidatus (Latin: Right of Each Candidate; law)
IUCInterconnect User Charge
IUCImmediate Unit Commander
IUCInitial Unemployment Claims (economics)
IUCInitial User Capability
IUCInternational Underwater Contractors, Inc.
IUCIndependent User Center
IUCIntelligent and Ubiquitous Computing
IUCInterface Unit Comparator
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In addition, Reliance Jio has taken a different stand on IUC and wants to take a 'Bill and Keep' approach to determine these charges.
2014), such as protocol development for management of post-operative urinary retention, systematic reporting and analysis of IUC use and adverse effects, and implementation of an organization-wide program to identify and remove IUCs when no longer necessary, are also recommended.
Just over half of the providers (51%) had been trained to insert the implant compared with 30% for IUC (Table 4).
In the past, revision of the IUC regime has been undertaken on a regular basis with an interval of two to three years.
We have long been trying to get Afghan universities IUC membership.
According to a statement released by IUC, the hospital where doctors from member countries would be assigned would admit patients in October the latest.
In a systematic review of available data, investigators concluded that an IUC can be placed safely, and easily, immediately after therapeutic abortion.
Deputy Higher Education Minister Mohammad Usman Babari told reporters the IUC was established five years ago, but Afghanistan, which took part in a meeting of the panel two years back, was yet to become its member.
The IUC 2011 will use both evidence and experience from cities and sites of innovation, and interrogate eight broad themes, i.
ANKARA, August 09, 2011 (TUR) -- International University Council, IUC, will set up a hospital in Somalia.
They examined current use of intrauterine contraceptives (IUCs) in the United States, discussed the IUCs approved for use in the US and assessed patient and clinician considerations when selecting an IUC as a contraceptive option.
About IUC 36 The Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC) is the premier event covering the latest in industry standards and best practices for bringing software and Web applications to worldwide markets.