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IUCLIDInternational Uniform Chemical Information Database
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The hosted IUCLID 5 service has formed the basis of the company's specialist offerings for a number of years, with this extension looking to unify these remote environments, adding chemical assessments and reporting (CHESAR) and chemical categorisation (QSAR) to the mix.
IUCLID, CHESAR, and the QSAR Toolbox all enable organisations in the chemical industry to more easily meet their European REACH Regulation requirements and other Chemical Evaluation Programmes, such as the OECD HPVC Programme.
Both of these new services work in conjunction with existing IUCLID 5 instances, or can be implemented as standalone services.
ECHA's IUCLID database of REACH registrations contains information on all the registered substances in the format of International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database (IUCLID) dossiers.
Detailed information on the series of filters on different IUCLID fields is provided in Table 1.
Figure 1 reports the results of each filtering stage: Starting pool: Data for this analysis were extracted from the IUCLID database in May 2015.
Moreover, ECHA has announced that a new REACH-IT information system will be operational as of 22 March, the date from which registrations must be made via the new version of IUCLID (5.2) http://iuclid.echa.europa.eu.
The IUCLID helpdesk assists registered users of the software.
2003), and is incorporated in the International Uniform Chemical Database (IUCLID) (Heidorn et al.
The software, known as IUCLID 5, will enable companies to enter, manage, file and exchange harmonised data about the chemical properties in their products.