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Con todo ello se dio un importante impulso a una linea de investigacion que busca profundizar en la relacion entre investigacion y practica educativa y aportar ideas para su mejora (Anwaruddin, 2015; Beycioglu, Ozer & Ugurlu, 2010; Broekkamp & van HoutWolters, 2007; Drill, Miller & Behrstock-Sherratt, 2012; Ion & Iucu, 2014; Gore & Gitlin, 2004; Hemsley-Brown & Sharp, 2003; Levin 2013; Lysenko et al., 2014; Montgomery & Smith, 2015; Vanderlinde & van Braak, 2010; Winch, Oancea & Orchard, 2015; Witherow, 2011; Zeuli, 1994).
The interaction designates a reciprocal action of the educational partners and the influence--a relationship in which ones action affects other's action, "organized and structured educational action, exercised upon a person--student--aiming at the construction, formation or change of some behaviors, attitudes, etc." (Ullich, 1995, as cited Iucu, 2005: 77).
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