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IUDIntrauterine Device (contraceptive device)
IUDIndustrial Union Department
IUDIntra-Uterine Death
IUDInstitute for Urban Development
IUDIndiana University Degree
IUDITA Utility Distribution
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Certification of the trainees for providing these services was carried out by observing whether they complied with service delivery guidelines listed in six checklists (one each for family planning counselling, IUD insertion, IUD removal, IUD check-up, combined oral contraceptives and Pap smears).
In her blog-post she said that IUD failures are possible but are very rare when it comes to modern IUDs.
The study wasn't powered to identify the reasons for greater expulsion in obese women, but some theories include that the IUD could be more difficult to place in larger women without adequate instrumentation or exam tables.
The patient's attorney filed a medical malpractice claim against the gynecologist who inserted the IUD, accusing her of negligence for not performing a pregnancy test immediately before IUD insertion.
According to one report by Women's Health magazine, the pain during IUD insertion is usually rated as a three for women who've had vaginal births, while those who haven't rated the pain closer to a six on a pain scale of one to 10.
Adjusting the scheduled follow-ups for checking the IUD seems to be important in order to prevent accidental pregnancy.
But without such instruction - particularly when it comes to sensitive, thorough counseling about the device's benefits, without pressing it upon patients - the post-delivery IUD cannot be a clinical option, Held said.
Limitations noted by the study's authors include lack of data on patients' socioeconomic status, unwanted pregnancies and abortions; previous types of contraceptives used by women; and IUD expulsions after the six-week follow-up.
Induced abortion combined with extraction of an IUD is complex.
In our case, IUD was performed one year ago in a local clinic during lactation period.
This was a qualitative study of women who had participated in a study of postpartum IUD insertion one year prior, and their partners.