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(20.) "sentisse uno fumo de mirabili odori aromatici in tanto che stupecfacto Iudas se drizzasse con ambe due le mane dicendo inverita o christo tu sei el salvator del mondo."
Jones, ed., De temporum ratione, Corpus Christianorum Series Latina 123B [Brepols, Belgium: Turnhout, 1977], 503); in Expositio acta apostolorum: "Iudas uero Iacobi, id est frater Iacobi, idem est qui in euangeliis uocatur Taddeus, missus que est Aedissam ad Abgarum regem Osroenae, ut ecclesiastica tradit historia" [Indeed, Jude, who is the brother of James, who is likewise called Thaddeus in the Gospels, was sent to Edessa to King Abgar of Osroene, as the church history relates] (M.
Judas Machabeus hada reputation of being valiant throughout his life: "Et Iudas Machabmus fortis viribus a iuventute sua, sit vobis princeps militim, et ipse aget bellum populi" [and Judas Machabeus, who is valiant and strong from his youth up, let him be the leader of your army, and he shall manage the war of the people].
Ful milde were pe wordes he spec to Iudas. 'Iudas, pou most to Iurselem oure mete for to bugge.
[Godrich] Also a wicke traytur Iudas (319) [Godard] Vnder God pe moste swike Pat eure in erpe shaped was, Pithuten on--pe wike Iudas!
The following stage directions are particularly suggestive: 'Enter: younger Daughter: & an Attendant: she shewes her selfe but at ye Doore' (Fletcher, Bonduca MS, TLN 1046-9 [Globe?/Blackfriars?, 1611-1614]); 'Enter Iudas: & his Company (peeping at the Doore:)' (Bonduca MS, TLN 1850-2); "Enter Votarius to the doore within' (The Second Maiden's Tragedy MS, TLN 2081-3).
(14) Just before the Last Supper, "then entred Satan into Iudas....
(63.) Fuit in diebus apostolorum vir nomine Nicolaus per omnia reprobus et maledictus: de septem tamen dyaconibus unus erat, sicut et Iudas traditor ex Christi discipulis unus exstiterat, in Mancini, "Per lo studio," 330.
"And let me not heere be mistaken," he writes, "that I condemn such as live by honest buying and selling, and make good conscience of their dealing: no truly, I meane only the Iudas Broker, that lives by the Bagge, and (except God be more mercifull to him) will follow him that did beare the Bagge."(44)
Was Iudas Christes master, because he bare the purs Nay rather of all, he was least regarded, Haue not men of honor, Stewards to disburse: All such summes of mony, wherwith they be charged: Yet aboue their maister their honor is not enlarged: Euen so, thee Auarice, my Steward I account, To pay that whereto my charges amount.(8)