IUDCIntercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters (role playing game group)
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The IFEZ and the IUDC will collaborate with Autodesk to explore the full potential of U-GIS (ubiquitous GIS), possibly one of the most advanced applications of ubiquitous technology in the world.
Autodesk and the IUDC have worked together for many years, and Autodesk's acknowledged expertise and credibility in engineering, data sets and visualization technologies will provide Incheon with an in-depth understanding of how to visualize design at a city-wide scale.
Kim Dong-Kee, president of IUDC said, "As 3D modeling technology will be implemented from planning to construction phase, the Digital City project makes it not only possible to save costs but also to develop high-quality city development.
Recently, Lucent announced a partnership with D&S Technology, a company that has an expertise in security, for cooperation on the IUDC contract.
The IUDC is a public corporation established by the InChon metropolitan city government in 2003.