IUECInternational Union of Elevator Constructors
IUECInternational Uranium Enrichment Center (International Atomic Energy Agency)
IUECIdemitsu Uranium Exploration Canada Ltd.
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108) The IUEC is "chiefly oriented to States not developing uranium enrichment capabilities on their territory.
IUEC will help countries in developing their nuclear abilities and
get nuclear fuel from IUEC, as long as it complies with the Nuclear
Lebedev said that IUEC conducted talks with officials from Gulf countries
Mikhail Chudakov outlined the importance of the IUEC Fuel Bank for the nuclear embarking countries.
In that connection, he emphasized the importance of participation in the Republic of Armenia in the IUEC, as a country that does not have its own nuclear fuel.
We are very pleased with the decision by the IUEC delegates to ratify the new contract, which provides stability for both our member companies and their employees," said E.
an open joint-stock company, IUEC participants would receive dividends
To join the Angarsk IUEC, countries must agree that the material be
We are pleased that NEBA has successfully concluded contract negotiations with the IUEC," said E.
The IUEC Labor Committee is recommending the agreement for ratification by delegates at a meeting expected to be held in March.
Russia has also proposed to the IAEA that it host a stockpile of low enriched uranium at the Angarsk IUEC under IAEA control as a source of fuel supply in case of the failure of market mechanisms.