IUFInstitut Universitaire de France (French: University Institute of France)
IUFInternational Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations
IUFIndiana University Foundation (est. 1936; Bloomington, IN)
IUFInstitut für Umweltmedizinische Forschung (Düsseldorf, Germany molecular preventive medicine)
IUFInvestition und Finanzierung (German: Investment and Finance)
IUFInternational Unicycling Federation, Inc. (North Bend, WA)
IUFIsolated Ultrafiltration
IUFICAP User Familiarization
IUFImmune Uterine Fluid
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In addition, he advised the IUF is believed to have weapons obtained from a variety of sources, including a substantial cache bought/seized from deposed LTTE rebel leader Karuna during his recent retreat from the Batticaloa area.
As a Geneva-based federation of unions from over a hundred nations and dating from 1920, the IUF became the first global union to include domestic work as part of its agenda in the mid-1990s.
The IUF also highlighted last year's Joseph Rowntree Foundation which pinpointed 14 forced labour practices in the UK food industry, such as not being paid, not being paid the hours owed and not paying the minimum wage.
The 47-year-old, who survived only on liquids, is supporting the IUF, an international union that represents food workers.
The ITF (International Transport Worker1s Federation) and the IUF (International Union of Food Agriculture, Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers Associations) called a worldwide action day on June 26, 2009 to demand recognition of basic democratic labor rights in Iran to help the Iranian workers.
Paul Garver of the IUF stated, "InBev workers worldwide are building a strong, unified voice to insure fair treatment at the breweries and in our communities.
A different approach is adopted in a report by the international trade union secretariat, the IUF, which argues for a 'rights-based multilateralism for the world food system' as a radical alternative to the WTO (IUF, 2004).
John Jordan, acting T&G national food industry organiser, said: "We are speaking to the IUF with a view to liaising with colleagues in Holland over them accepting the IUF policy.
There is no need to mention IUF as the demand function is based on direct utility function.
Without him, ours and so many other couples lives would be incomplete and empty - were it not for his expertise and dedication in the field of the IVG and IUF programmes carried on at the ``Assisted Conception'' unit at the hospital.
On August 4, 1998, a delegation consisting of: international union officials from Australia and Geneva IUF (international Union of Food, Agriculture, Hotel, Restaurant, catering, and Allied Workers' Associations); officials from FES (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) Sri Lanka (a German foundation involved in both fields of unions and Fair Trade); the coordinator of the Tea Producer Register from Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) Germany; the Sri Lankan Consultants for the FLO; Sri Lankan union leaders; and selected members from the Joint Bodies of 12 tea estates and smallholder cooperatives - were invited to visit Kelliewatte Estate, Patana, Sri Lanka, a focal point for the operation of Fair Trade.
The Coca Cola campaign included dozens of religious organizations led by the Interfaith Centre for Corporate Responsibility, the International Trade Secretariat representing food-sector workers, the IUF, and students and workers from dozens of countries.