IUFDintrauterine fetal death
IUFDIn Utero Fetal Demise
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Subsequently, other studies have also shown increased incidence of complications in patients with circumvallate placenta like abruptio placentae, preterm births, IUGR, oligohydramnios, non-reassuring foetal heart rate patterns (4, 5) and even a study reported increased incidence of IUFD as compared to controls (5).
IUFD risk increases by 4 times with pregnancy at an early age i.
It is demonstrated that reactive oxygen species (ROS) involved in LPS-induced IUFD and IUGR are one of the important causes for fetal injuries [7,8].
The incidence of IUFD was significantly higher in the fibroid group than in the no-fibroid group even after adjusting for factors including black race, tobacco exposure, chronic hypertension, and pregestational diabetes.
1 45,X-PUBS TAB 2 45,X-POC TAB 3 45,X-AF IUFD 4 45,X-AF TAB 5 45,X(63%)/ Liveborn 46,XX(37%)-AF 45,X(17%)/ 46,XX(83%)-PB 6 45,X-POC TAB 7 45,X-PB Liveborn 8 45,X-AF TAB 9 45,X(52%)/ Liveborn 46,XX(48%)-AF 10 45,X(25%)/ Liveborn 46,XX(75%)-AF 11 45,X-AF TAB 12 45,X-AF TAB 13 45,X-AF 45,X(90%)/ Liveborn 46,X,r(X)(10%)-PB 14 45,X(6%)/ Liveborn 46,XX(94%)-PB 15 45,X/46,XX-PB SAB 16 45,X-POC TAB 17 45,X-PB Liveborn 18 45,X-PB Liveborn 19 45,X-PB Liveborn (a) Actual Down syndrome risk given in parentheses.
In this study, incidence of IUFD was slightly higher in study group (3.
This conforms to the history of ten hours history of last perception of fetal movement and ultrasound scanning findings of IUFD.
Pathologic examination of intact IUFD specimens, managed via labor induction, identifies abnormalities and informs the possible cause of death.
Summary of findings of chorionic villus sampling Chorionic villus sampling Total Outcome screened of screening N=428 Unsampled Sampled Positive 59 35 24 Negative 356 347 9 Chorionic villus Outcome sampling Karyotype Outcome Total of screening Normal Abnormal abnormal * Positive 18 6 13 Negative 8 1 1 Outcome Outcome of screening TOP IUFD Alive Positive 12 6 41 Negative 1 6 346 ([dagger]) * Total abnormal = total number of chromosomally and phenotypically abnormal babies born.
Measured foetal outcomes included prematurity (Delivery before 37 completed weeks), IUGR (Birth weight less than tenth percentile for gestational age), IUFD (foetal death occurring after 20 weeks of pregnancy or/with foetal weight >500 grams), FD (non-reassuring foetal heart rate pattern or thick meconium stained liquor), low APGAR that is (i.