IUFROInternational Union of Forestry Research Organizations
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The IUFRO Congress provides a venue in which we can facilitate a dialogue among those who research private forest owners.
Modelling of Coupled Moisture and Heat Transfer During Wood Drying," Proceedings of the 8th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference (2003).
Measurement of Colour Development in Pinus radiata Sapwood Boards During Drying at Various Schedules, Proceedings of the "8-th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference" pp.
Drawn from the August 2005 IUFRO world congress, these 14 papers consider integrating wood production within sustainable forest management and explore emerging issues for sustainable forest management.
2 of the IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change, CABI Publishing-IUFRO, pp.
IUFRO develops knowledge about forest use, ecology and management
Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, and IUFRO will co-host an open "Science meets Business" dialogue at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress this September in Freiburg, Germany.