IUGEIntraoperative Ultrasonographically Guided Excisional Biospy
IUGEInternational Union of Gaming Employees
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Wyse men here telleth that Lucrecia slough noght here sylf for no vertu bote for schame and for angre, ffor nother man nother womman scholde be punesched withoute gult nother gulty withoute iuge. Bote for the Romayns coueyteth most preysyng of men and worldlych worschyp, thes Lucrecia dradde ghef a lyuede after the spousebruche lest the people wolde wene that heo was assentyng to the dede and therfor in tokne that heo was sory for the dede and a wolde nought leose here goode loos nother be despysed a wolde no lengre lyve.(35)
Marshall." (41) William Marshall, by contrast, was far from careful in either anticipating or responding to such murmurs, putting into print a second edition with a truculent note at the bottom of the title page anticipating that "some popish doctor or peuish proctor" would "grunt at this treatise" but admonishing the reader to "fyrst rede and then iuge." He followed this with final envoy "to the indyfferent reder" (sig.
(103) For example, "Narodnaia shkola na iuge Rossii," Kievlianin, 14 February 1881, 1; and Andrei Ivanov, "Po povodu khokhlomanii," Kievlianin, 8 March 1881, 2.
B1] 110 In ther braynes ther is great foly Iuge other men what they canne Surely he was by hym self alone To contende with hym duest not one He was so proper a manne.
One example promises, "When ye go before eny kynge or iuge sey thys Sancti tobiel sobriel & barachiel facite me placere in conspectu istius vel istorum & favebunt vobis" [When you go before any king or judge, say this: "Holy Tobiel, Sobriel, and Barachiel, make me to be pleasing in his or their sight," and they shall be favorable to you] .70 With a similar assured tone, other charms in the sequence confidently guarantee, "When ye se youre enmys before yow sey pis & ye schall over come pem," (71) or "When ye come to eny feste sey pis & all they schal be glad of youre commynge." (72)
all thi werkes ben open and expresse Vnto the presence of the iuge on hye that all thing doth beholde plenerlye.