IUHPEInternational Union for Health Promotion and Education
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The questionnaire was validated and distributed via e-mail to a list of 600 public-health practitioners linked to the Latin American Network of Evidence of Effectiveness in Health Promotion, sponsored by the IUHPE and the list of the Network of Municipalities and Healthy Communities, led by PAHO.
She presented the following papers: 'Using Indigenous concepts and practices in health promotion programs' at the IUHPE 18th World Conference, Melbourne, 29 April 2004; 'Culture in health research and practice' at the CRCAH Social Determinants Workshop, Adelaide, 5-6 July 2004; 'Factors which inhibit successful Indigenous participation in health service delivery in northern Australia' at the National SARRAH (Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health) Conference, Alice Springs, 27 August 2004.
IUHPE is a limited mailing list for members of the International Union of Health Promotion and Education.
In collaboration with WHO, since 2002, the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) has started to support initiatives to assess and show the effectiveness of health promotion to health system managers (10).
The opportunity to launch this issue during the staging of the 22nd World Health Promotion Conference of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) in Brazil, with the theme of "Promoting Health and Equity," reinforces this movement of reflection and commitment of researchers to the formulation of national and local policies, as the investigations are intended to support the implementation of activities in the different sectors -in addition to health--seeking to promote enhancements in the living and health conditions of populations in the world in general.
Presented at the 19th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education, Vancouver, BC, June 2007.
Its philosophical framework is based on the original letters of International Conferences and the Brazilian Health Promotion Policy, published in 2006, as well as from numerous reflections arising from international conferences organized by the IUHPE (International Union of Promotion and Health Education) (25).
In 2002, at the end of the government term at all levels, CEPEDOC, with the support of the Ministry of Health, PAHO, and active professionals from the entire continent, held the 6th Latin American Conference on Health Promotion of the International Union for Health Promotion (IUHPE).
20th IUHPE World Conference Health Promotion: Health, Equity and Sustainable Development 11-15 July 2010 Geneva, Switzerland
Para organizacao e avaliacao das possiveis evidencias da eficacia das acoes do PNCTOFR, utilizou-se como referencial as areas/dimensoes propostas pela International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)13, que compreendem: 1) Acoes de Regulacao do Mercado; 2) Intervencoes na Educacao e na Informacao Publica; 3) Intervencoes na Atencao Primaria a Saude (APS); 4) Intervencoes Locais; 5) Intervencoes no Local de Trabalho; e 6) Intervencoes com Enfoque na Comunidade.
A primeira estrategia de combate ao fumo elencada pela IUHPE (13), diz respeito a regulacao do mercado.
O Brasil constitui-se numa sub-regiao dentro da Oficina Regional Latino-Americana (ORLA) da IUHPE. Reune profissionais de promocao da saude e algumas instituicoes.