IUIPInternet Usage for Information Provisioning
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This consultation is organized in order to carry out: the studies necessary for the characterization of the hazard on all the linear of the rivers (masse, laurendanne) in the department of lot-et-garonne, the elaboration of 1 ppri upstream mass on the commune of bajamont, the revision of the 2 ppri masse laurendanne on the municipalities of pont du casse and agen whose scope will coincide with the limits of the public institution of intercommunal cooperation concerned (agen agglomeration) in order to facilitate their integration into the iuip. the aim is to produce all the studies, files and technical elements necessary for the characterization of the hazards and then for the elaboration or revision of the ppri listed above until their approval.
Overall, histologic assessment of UIP using our comprehensive, quantitative scoring system could not distinguish CTD-UIP from IUIP based on FFs and LAs and, therefore, does not support previously published, qualitative assessments that use similar histologic features to distinguish these 2 entities.