IUISInternational Union of Immunological Societies
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Another set of data related to the amino acid sequences of major allergens was retrieved on June 20, 2012, by searching UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (http://www.expasy.org/) using the keyword "major allergen" and was selected from the IUIS allergen list (http://www.allergen.org/) by IgE-binding potency.
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the first therapeutic step in assisted reproductive techniques, and is especially appropriate for cases with mild male factor infertility, anovulation, endometriosis with at least one patent tube, and unexplained infertility (1).
However, IUIS Union Secretary Seyed Ali Mousavi said: "We will not allow the United States to enter Iran."
In h(onorem) d(omus) d(ivinae) / Genium plateae novi ui/ci cura (a)edicula et ara / T(itus) Fl(auius) Sanctinus mil(es) leg(ionis) XXII / P(rimigeniae) [[Alexan(drianae)]] P(iae) F(idelis) imm(unis) co(n)s(ularis) et Per/petuus et Felix fratres c(iues) / R(omani) et Taunenses ex origi/ne patris T(iti) Fl(avi) Materni ue/terani coh(ortis) III praet(oriae) Piae Vindicis et Aurelia Am/mias mater eorum c(iuis) R(omana) d(onum) d(ederunt) / Agricola et Clementino co(n)s(ulibus)
We tried to find a doctor who would allow us to do IUIs with a known donor's sperm, but we were plainly told, by three, that they weren't legally permitted to have a known donor's sperm washed and inseminated in me.
Database Reference WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature IUIS 2004 Structural Database of Allergenic UTMB 2004 Proteins Food Allergy Research and FARRP 2004 Resource Program Protall Protall 2004 ALLERbase ALLERbase 2004 Allergome Allergome 2004 Central Science Laboratory CSL 2004 Abbreviations: IUIS, International Union of Immunological Societies; UTMB, University of Texas Medical Branch; WHO, World Health Organization.
Using a special technique they developed in the lab, the Italian doctors have successfully performed nearly 2000 IUIs without any reported seroconversions.
International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) declared that in the severest form, patients with CVID have IgA serum levels below 0.1 g/l, IgG levels below 3.0 g/l, and usually IgM levels below 0.2 g/l (6).
Different committees and organizations were formed who worked to achieve a better standardized approach to autoantibody testing [150, 159, 160] including the International Union of Immunology Specialties (IUIS) Autoantibody Standardization Committee (http://asc.dental.ufl.edu/home.html#text), the European Autoimmunity Stand-ardisation Initiative (EASI) [http://www.easi-network.com/], and the Working Group on Harmonization of Autoantibody Tests (WG-HAT) in the framework of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine [http://www.ifcc.org/ifcc-scientific-division/sd-working- groups/harmoonisation-of-autoantibody-tests-wg-hat/].
Intelligent user interfaces (IUIs) mediate between user and system .to increase the ease and effectiveness of user-system interactions.
The issue opens with three articles that present long-term efforts to create "conversational" IUIs. The first article, by Chuck Rich, Candy Sidner, and Neal Lesh, describes a project at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory to create a collaborative IUI that exploits the metaphor of conversation.