IULIulius (Latin: July)
IULIndex Universal Life (insurance)
IULImagine Un Limited (Australia)
IULItalian University Line (university consortium; Italy)
IULInternational University Line (La Jolla, CA)
IULIndiana University Library
IULImage Understanding Laboratory (various locations)
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Admittedly, an IUL policy is not right for everyone.
The IUL group treatment consisted of instillation of 5ml of 2% lidocaine slowly applied into the uterine cavity through a blue feeding catheter (2.
If Mary purchased, at age 50, this type of IUL insurance solution, built for volatility control as well as robust accumulation, her goal would be to fund the policy and use the attributes of IUL -- upside potential with no downside risk due to market performance -- to amass additional cash value inside the contract.
Clients should be able to know how their IUL would have performed during specific bull market periods as well as specific bear market periods.
Pacific Life Insurance Company, a seller of indexed universal life insurance (IUL)(1), recently launched a new resource for financial professionals interested in learning more about IUL.
On his number one marketing tip that he employs in his practice and wouldn't get rid of: I say to install as many IULs as possible .
As straightforward as that might seem, IUL policies can be complex.
IUL effectively exploits the sweet spot between safe, low-rate permanent life insurance and riskier variable life insurance.
Alexander Beljaars, President of IUL, commented: "We have worked closely with LABio for several years, during which time we have developed a deep respect for their work ethic, capabilities, and focus on getting the job done.
Unlike investing directly in a market index fund, with an IUL, there is an upper limit or cap on the rate of return credited to the policy.
Minnesota Life's new indexed universal life product, Omega Builder IUL, offered exclusively through AMZ Financial, includes the Income Protection Agreement (IPA).
In addition, deferred consideration may also be payable by MedaPhor subject to certain targets of IUL being met.