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IULAInstitut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (Catalan)
IULAInternational Union of Local Authorities
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1] between the IULA and left edge of the laptop panel is used to shift the resonance of the proposed design.
Sharma in IULA (1997) affirm that democracy and decentralization is more meaningful with local government engaging effective participation of people at that level in the process of governance and in the sphere of accountability.
Seguidamente se consulto la frecuencia absoluta y relativa de estas 678 unidades extraidas del diccionario Routledge de economia en el Corpus Tecnico del IULA (15) (Bach, Sauri, Vivaldi & Cabre, 1997), en el que se consulto la seccion de economia, que consta de 1.
In 2004 the IULA merged with the Federation Mondiale des Cities Unies (FMCU), founded in 1957 in Aix les Bains, France.
The most well-known are ICAME (International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English); The Oxford Text Archive; The Cambridge International Corpus; The British National Corpus; Linguistic Resources on the Internet; IT Centers for English Linguistics Corpus; the Corpus of IULA, etc.
The present article shows the results from a study conducted by the Antena Chilena de Neologia (Chilean Neology Research Group) which is member of the Antenas Neologicas belonging to the Neology Observatory of the IULA (University Institute of Applied Linguistics) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
1) IULA -- Institut Universitari de Linguistica Aplicada -- 08002 -- Barcelona -- Espana.
The goals for the IULA Global Program on Women include the collection and dissemination of accurate data on the numbers of women in elected and appointed office at the municipal level, supporting national strategies to build the capacity of women's political networks and advocacy on behalf of public policies that lead to gender equity.
histolytica were described from symptomatic patients, which were denominated: IULA 1092:1 and IULA: 0593:2 These strains have been evaluated through studies of electrophoretic profiles, demonstrating the presence of type II zymodemes, characteristic of pathogenic strains.
The conference is the first step toward the development of a Global Program for Women in Local Government, which is being created by IULA.
Ediciones del IULA, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
Veanse en este sentido, entre otros, los numerosos e interesantes trabajos realizados en IULA, bajo la supervision, muchos de ellos, de Teresa Cabre.