IULMIstituto Universitario Lingue Moderne (Italian: University Institute Modern Languages)
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Pietro Mazzola is a Professor at IULM University, Via Carlo Bo, 8, 20143 Milano, Italy.
Attendance at a lecture on Consumer Strategy at the IULM University and participation in a Conference on Equal Opportunities, hosted by Mr Mario Monti
Nella Giannetto has done more than anyone in Italy recently to encourage Buzzati studies by organizing conferences, setting up the Buzzati archive at the IULM in Feltre, and founding the periodical Studi buzzatiani.
The Board will be composed by Pasquale Natuzzi as a Chairman, and ten Directors: Stelio Campanale, Claudio Dematte, Giuseppe Desantis, Pietro Gennaro, Giambattista Massaro, Gianluca Monteleone, Giuseppe Russo Corvace, Cataldo Sferra, Enrico Vitali, and the newly appointed Armando Branchini, 56 years old, professor of Strategic Marketing of Luxury Goods at IULM University in Milan, as well as founder of a consultancy firm, InterCorporate Strategie e Imprese, specialized in business strategies and strategic marketing.
Annalisa Andreoni, Universita IULM, Via Carlo Bo I, Milano 20124, Italia.
The works are all devoted to retraining, new functions and new construction of Cascina Moncucco, Via Moncucco 31 and adjacent building number 29, owned by the City of Milan, for the construction of residences for students of the University IULM (number 96 accommodation places over to ancillary spaces and collectives).
Measurements of physical and psychological responses such as breathing rate, brain activation, and pupil dilation, designed to assess a person's psychophysiological state were collected by researchers from IULM University, Catholic University of Sacro Cuore, in Milan, Italy, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.
Alberto Abruzzese, Catedratico de Sociologia de los Procesos Culturales y Comunicativos de la Universidad IULM de Milan, reflexiona sobre el significado de los conceptos <<ser moda>>, y <<estar a la moda>> que reenvian, como desarrolla en su analisis, a la dicotomia <<ser>> y <<parecer>>.
2) Vanni Codeluppi es profesor de Sociologia del Consumo de la Universidad IULM de Milan.