IUMPIglesia Unida Metodista Pentecostal (Spanish: United Pentecostal Methodist Church)
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The lessons learned during this study tour can be well used during the implementation of the Namibian IUMP. The steering committee should ensure that the programme and expected advantages are well communicated to the private sector, that sufficient consultants are trained to execute the diagnostics studies at companies, that trust between all parties involved are developed, that company information is handled confidentially and that the administration of the programme is handled effectively.
For example, in Tunisia, UNIDO s IUMP has helped the country s manufacturing enterprises increase productivity and economic diversification, reduce production costs and improve quality, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and increasing the share of Tunisian goods in the global market.
Tenders are invited for lnstallation of Tara Pump at Mouza Nijdantatnstallation of Tara iump at Mouza Rajendrachak.