IUOTOInternational Union of Official Travel Organizations
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Commission within IUOTO, where he became chairman and played a key role in the granting of United Nations (UN) consultative status to IUOTO in 1948 and the designation by the UN of 1967 as the International Year of Tourism.
Nevertheless, by the time of MacCannell's writing, tourism had more than tripled again, the World Tourism Organization was founded out of a dysfunctional IUOTO, and developing countries, stymied by the oil crises of the 1970s and seduced by the valorization and profit-raising potential of the nascent World Heritage Convention, turned nearly en masse to marketing their own "traditional cultures" to foreign tourists (Di Giovine 2009b, p.
Segun, la Union Internacional de Organismos Oficiales de Turismo, IUOTO (1970) citada por Ponce (1997) los alojamientos son parte importante del turismo, ".