IUPHHKIzin Usaha Pemanfaatan Hasil Hutan Kayu (Indonesian: Forest Plantation Wood Production Permit)
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Two other provinces - West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan - respectively have 15 units of IUPHHK covering 890.4 million of natural forests and 2 units of IUPHHK covering 186.8 million hectares of natural forests.
In Papua, natural forests, which are categorized as production forests that could be exploited for their trees, total 4.87 million hectares - including 12 units of IUPHHK in Papua covering 2.8 million hectares of natural forests and 12 units of IUPHHK in West Papua covering 2.07 million hectares of natural forests.
Other regions with potential forest areas include North Maluku, which has 566,600 hectares (11 units of IUPHHK); Riau 480,500 hectares (8 units of IUPHHK); Maluku 424,500 hectares (6 units of IUPHHK); and North Sumatra 341,200 hectares (7 units of IUPHHK).
Man-made forests with IUPHHK in Indonesia in 2010 were much smaller than natural forests.
In 2010, man-made forests in Sumatra totaled 3.13 million hectares with 66 units of IUPHHK and in Kalimantan, there were 2.4 million hectares split into 54 units of IUPHHK.
Other islands have no production forests with units of IUPHHK.
East Kalimantan, which has the largest natural forests, also has the largest manmade forests with units of IUPHHK totaling 1.17 million hectares.
In Sumatra, South Sumatra has the larges licensed man-made forests of 1.02 million hectares or the second largest in Indonesia with 8 units of IUPHHK. Riau has 800,725 hectares with 24 units of IUPHHK.
States companies (BUMN) dominate units of IUPHHK of natural forests in Indonesia.
Most of the IUPHHK areas are located in East Kalimantan covering 11.1 million hectares, followed by those in Papua totaling 3.6 million hectares, and in West Papua 3.2 million hectares, and in Central Kalimantan 3 million hectares.
The largest supplies came from IUPHHK of man-made forests reaching 17.6 million cubic meters, followed with timber from land clearing for HTI project 5.2 million cubic meters, and timber from IUPHHK of natural forests 3.9 million cubic meters.
Kaban said the IUPHHK held by PT Intracawood is not valid as it was given not through auction as required by the regulation.