IURCIndiana Utility Regulatory Commission
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The committee has nominated these three candidates to fill the current vacancy on the IURC created by the retirement of Commissioner Jim Atterholt.
The IURC will have to determine whether or not Citizens Energy's increased payrolls were a matter of business expansion, or if they were raised unfairly and have put unnecessary costs on customers.
We will strive to build a long term relationship as an outstanding corporate citizen and community partner in Henry County and Indiana, and we will comply with the conditions established by the IURC.
Revised rates reflecting the lower tax rate will require the approval of the IURC.
IURC reports show that 46 CLECs are providing local service in the state (although more than four times as many are licensed to do so), primarily in the larger cities.
The committee will issue recommendations to the IURC no later than Jan.
29 will be immediate or widespread, at least partly because the IURC, under the O'Bannon administration, "is not fond of investor-owned utilities" and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, which reviews applications for air-quality permits, appears hesitant to issue such permits.
In the first week of November, the company had 8,441 pending repair and installation orders, according to the IURC.
With the implementation of a 26% rate hike approved by the IURC in February 2011, ADS coverage should improve further but is expected to remain relatively weak.
EnviroPower also lost a round at the IURC, however, when the commission denied the company's request to "bifurcate" the formal proceedings involving the Sullivan County project.
In an effort to stabilize and somewhat restore financial margins as well as fund budgeted capital expenditures for the year, the department filed an emergency rate petition with the IURC in February 2009 for roughly a 17.