IUSCInternational University Study Center
IUSCIntegrated Universal Serial Controller (Zilog)
IUSCInternational University of Santa Claus
IUSCIntermittent Urethral Self-Catheterisation
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Despite the importance of the expertise and variety of professionals in the board of professorstutors of IUSC, it is undeniable that these facts rose reflection and conflict at BMS since the implementation of the subjects.
I think that, from the moment you begin practicing, for instance as nursing students, on the second year, and the medical students, on the third year [...] we begin to realize the benefit that IUSC has brought.
It is possible to state that the integration experiences adopted by BMS and promoted by the IUSC subjects over time are currently recognized and legitimized by different professionals in several settings.
Como tutora do IUSC tive que abrir muito a minha cabeca, aprender sobre varias coisas que eu nao tinha conhecimento e vejo que agregou e melhorou a minha pratica".
A partir do momento que o IUSC ficou com disciplina obrigatoria, acabou tendo que aluno atender em dupla e isso e ruim ...
Sua concepcao aponta que a transformacao da IUSC em disciplina trouxe consigo outras problematicas na interacao entre profissionais e alunos que se repercutem na organizacao do servico.
Contextualizacao: o inicio da Interacao Universidade Servicos Comunidade (IUSC)
A disciplina IUSC tem sido construida coletivamente a partir do reconhecimento da necessidade de vivencias de alunos e professores, em praticas voltadas a integralidade das acoes em saude.
A IUSC desenvolve-se, desde 2003, primeiro como programa interdisciplinar (entre 2003 e 2006) e, a partir de 2007, como disciplina, com atividades na comunidade, em territorios definidos pela abrangencia de Unidades Basicas de Saude (UBS) ou Unidades de Saude da Familia (USF), com as equipes dos servicos de saude, buscando romper com a dicotomia preventivo/curativo (Unesp, 2006; 2002).
IUSC disciplines annually welcome approximately 120 students (thirty from Nursing and ninety from Medicine), which are divided into mixed groups (12 to 14 students from each course) under the supervision of a tutoring teacher.
An intentional sample was used to select participants by inviting two students from each group who were taking the disciplines in the first and second years in 2013 and 2014 or in the last school month of IUSC in 2014 (12,13).
Semi-structured interviews were conducted with a guided script to capture the experience of these undergraduate students in the IUSC disciplines, with special attention to interprofessional education and primary healthcare.