IUSMIndiana University School of Medicine
IUSMIstituto Universitario Scienze Motorie (Italian: University Institute of Motor Science; est. 1998; Rome, Italy)
IUSMInternational Union for Surveys and Mapping
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As director of the laboratory for cellular and molecular biology research in glaucoma at IUSM, Dr.
Contact Peggy Welker at 317-962-0070 for more information about the STARTSTIM trial at the IUSM, or visit www.
The cord blood used to treat the young patient with a rare disease, Fanconi anemia, was banked and processed at IUSM by Dr.
More than 1,700 physicians practice in Clarian facilities, and more than 2,000 physicians serve as IUSM volunteer faculty throughout Indiana.
IUSM faculty received nearly $209 million in grants and awards in 2004-05 for work in heart disease, cancer, medical genetics, the neurosciences, diabetes and other key areas of human health.
IUSM educates the second largest medical student body in the U.
The first phase of deployment involves five clinical departments, and IUSM expects to roll out Study Manager across all remaining departments beginning in 2006.