IUSSIInternational Union for the Study of Social Insects
IUSSIInternational Union of Soil Sciences (global organization)
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In contrast, while by no means reclusive or narrow-viewed--e.g., he was very much a stalwart of the IUSSI, in which he served some key roles over the decades--Noirot had little interest in being a public figure.
Proceedings of the XIII International Congress of IUSSI, Adelaide Australia, 29 December 1998-3 January 1999.
In this operation, the division cleared the Pra Del Bianco basin and secured Torre Iussi and Rocca di Roffeno.
est quaedam Iustitiae sculptura tenens breve, ubi sic legitur: Iussi summa mei sua vos cuicunque tueri [italics mine].(4)
E quibus illa fuit longa dignissima vita, nostra nocens anima est: ego te, miseranda, peremi, in loca plena metus qui iussi nocte venires, nec prior huc veni.
The same year, Crozier received the first Hamilton Award from the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI).
I Reunion Seccion Bolivariana de la Union Internacional para el estudio de los Insectos Sociales IUSSI: 19-20.
20 in Berlin Meeting of the European Sections of IUSSI, R.