IUTOXInternational Union of Toxicology
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In 2002, IUTOX contacted publishers of major toxicological reference works for donations to the project.
A global demand for standardization of processes for credentialing professional toxicologists is evidenced by the results of the IUTOX 2009 and 2011 surveys that showed high interest, among the IUTOX 51 affiliated societies and > 20,000 member toxicologists, in identifying a process through which toxicologists might achieve professional recognition (IUTOX 2014b).
1409 IUTOX 1370 The Jackson Laboratory 138 Jai Research Foundation (JRF - America) 770 The Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology 1443 The Japanese Society of Toxicology 1445 KCAS, LLC 277 Kinder Scientific Company 344 Konigsberg Instruments, Inc.
In: International Symposium on Mycotoxins in the Food Chain (a Satellite Symposium of the IUTOX 8th International Congress of Toxicology), Toulose, France.