IUUIllegal, Unregulated or Unreported (fish piracy)
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He said this during the Terminal Meeting of The Japan Trust Fund 6 (JTF6) Project: Combating IUU Fishing in South-east Asia through the application of catch certification for international trade in fish and fishery products held on September 3-5 here.
Referring to the amended Fisheries Code or the Republic Act (RA) 10654, Oceana Senior Advisor and Chief Scientist Mike Hirshfield agreed that the Philippines has well-crafted policies, but he also wonders why the country still deals with so much IUU fishing cases.
If Taiwan had obtained a "red card" instead of removal from the IUU watch list, its fisheries products would have been banned in the EU, which would have hurt its distant water fishing industry, Huang said.
Sierra Leone is estimated to lose $29m annually due to IUU fishing -- a figure that represents around a tenth of the country's education budget.
With these means allowing vessels to remain at sea for months, refuelling, re-supplying and rotating their crew, IUU fishing vessels never need to enter ports because they transfer their catches onto transport ships commonly known as mother-ships.
Small-scale fishing communities are the most threatened by IUU fishing, according to the UN.
While IUU fishing is a global problem, the situation is disproportionately worse here in our region because Asia and the Pacific produce 75 per cent of the world's seafood, and because IUU fishers target countries with poorly developed economies and regulations and that are also home to some of the most vulnerable communities.
"Ending IUU fishing and developing strong national and regional fishery sectors would generate multiple benefits for development.
The Code has stringent measures to fight IUU, such as vessel monitoring technology for all commercial fishing vessels from 3.1 gross tonnage and beyond.
In calling for a Senate probe, Hontiveros said the public deserves to know what steps the government has taken to seek the assistance of the international community in responding to China's IUU fishing.
We should also lead by example by enforcing strong national seafood traceability standards, and create partnerships with developing countries to accelerate the transfer of vessel monitoring technologies to regions where the IUU fishing risk is highest.
For example, in March this year it canceled the distant water fishing certificate of a Chinese company that had been conducting IUU fishing in West African waters.