IUVAInternational Ultraviolet Association (Scottsdale, AZ)
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According to the IUVA Draft Guideline IUVA-G01A-2005, the two most common types of UV germicidal lamps are the medium and low pressure mercury lamps.
Michael Templeton, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College of London and IUVA Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, will kick off the seminar with a welcome and introduction.
The IUVA Green Innovations award recognizes an exemplary product or process improving the Green image of UV applications and is reviewed for its Green design and engineering attributes.
Linden assumes the helm of the IUVA, the leadership he brings to the organization is motivated by harnessing the inherent creativity and strengths of the board of directors and membership to continue the unique educational programming of IUVA and further the impact in areas outside of North America and in UV applications in addition to water.
This healthcare disinfection symposium will precede another important event, the World Congress 2013, co-sponsored by the IUVA and International Ozone Association (IOA).
Jeff Neemann, President of the IOA, said, “Each time the IUVA and IOA present the World Congress, it's obvious that the technologies are advancing quickly and the field is expanding.
The IUVA aims to make the use of Ultraviolet Technology a leading technology for public health and environmental applications, and to position IUVA as the leading authority on the use of Ultraviolet Technology through advocacy to the education, industry, research and public policy sectors worldwide.
22-25, 2013, IUVA will co-host a conference with the International Ozone Association (IOA) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The workshop in Mexico City will precede the International Water Association meeting from November 26-29 in Mexico City, “Disinfection of Water, Wastewater and Biosolids.” Members of the IUVA and IWA are collaborating on both events.
Army Corps of Engineers, will give a keynote address to a group of UV technology engineers, scientists, students and industry leaders at the August 13th luncheon for the IUVA conference in Washington, D.C, August 12-14, 2012.
Some conference presentations will be accepted for publication in the IUVA News, a quarterly publication available to members.