IUWMIntegrated Urban Water Management
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IUWM efforts require a significant initial investment, and come with steep capital and operational costs.
In collaboration with the Global Water Partnership, the AWF is implementing IUWM systems in five African cities, including Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Marondera in Zimbabwe.
"The implementation of the IUWM approach couldn't be timelier in light of climate change effects and rapid urbanization that most African cities are experiencing," said Mohamed El Azizi, AWF Director.
An IUWM Masterplan that will be developed for Marondera proposes to improve water supply, wastewater, and solid waste management services in Marondera using an integrated approach that could be implemented as a pilot case for Zimbabwe in general.
Throughout and intensive training course representatives from local governments, utilities and public works recently gained understanding on comprehensive IUWM planning and sanitation.
Participants acquired the tools to analyse their urban and institutional environments in order to select best choice opportunities for implementing IUWM and Sanitation.