IV1Investigator 1st Class (USCG Rating)
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The correct comparison (Co+) contains an accurate and complete description of the relation between the independent variables and the name of IV1 and is represented symbolically as REL+, IV1+.
Table 3 Questions Representing the Four Types of Interactions (Columns) That Were Used to Assess Control by the Relational Term and One Other Element, Each of Which Is Indicated in a Separate Row Type of interaction Trial types None Crossover Divergent Synergistic REL & IV1 1 2 3 4 REL & dIVIo 5 6 7 8 REL & IV2 9 10 11 12 REL & dIVhi 13 14 15 16 Note.
One group of four assessed control by REL and IV1, another by REL and I V2, another by REL and dIV1o, and another by REL and dIVhi.
Such an outcome indicates control by relational statements in combination with the first and second independent variables and the different directional effects of IV1.
A comprehensive measure of control by all elements included in a graph can be obtained by conducting tests for the relation and each of the other elements: REL and IV1, REL and IV2, REL and dIVlo, REL and dIVhi, and REL and DV.
Table 1 Pattern of Comparison Selection That Indicates Control by the REL and IV1 Co+ Co-1 Co-2 (REL+, IV+) (REL+, IV1-) (REL-, IV1+) Source of control + + + - - + REL and IV1 100 0 0 REL only 50 50 0 IV1 only 50 0 50 Note.
Because both of these stimuli are selected with equal likelihood, the performances are uncorrelated with the presence of the accurate name of IV1.
When accuracy of IV1 naming is considered, Co+ and Co-2 serve as [S.
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